2022: My Favorite Bridal Moments: A Wedding Photography Recap

My Favorite Wedding Moments

As a wedding photographer, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to witness and capture some of life’s most precious moments. The unique love shared between two people is something that is truly magical and it gives me so much joy to document these incredible stories. 

As a wedding photographer, I am often taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride as I follow couples from their engagement session up until the big day. From the first time they see each other in their wedding outfits, through the heartfelt conversations during the ceremony and the exuberant dancing at the reception - I am always moved by the amount of joy shared during this special day. 

I create genuine, timeless images that will help commemorate that special day for years to come. I strive to capture candid moments that give insight into my couple’s personalities, as well as sneak peeks into how much fun everyone had celebrating together. My passion lies in creating unique photographs that allow my clients to remember their beloved events with clarity – something they can hold onto forever. 

At its core, wedding photography is about documenting one of life’s happiest occasions and preserving those memories so they can be enjoyed throughout many generations. Doing this job fills me with such pride every time I think back on all the amazing weddings I have been able to photograph and all these beautiful stories I have documented over time. Being a wedding photographer is an honor and a privilege – one that fills my heart with happiness!

Enjoy my favorite images of 2022!